Amazing Benefits Of
Design Sprints for businesses

Yvonne Chua, Co-Founder
12 Mar 2021 • 2 min read

Design sprints help organizations gain momentum and interest to untapped ideas. To make it easier to understand how organizations can benefit from running design sprints, we created a list of its biggest value adds. Here are 3 incredible benefits you can expect from adopting design sprint.

Improve agility

“Speed is the new currency of business.”
– Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO

If you're not going fast enough, someone else is. Design sprint is meant to be short and agile, as it can be easily adapted to the complexity of any project. In facilitating cross-silo collaboration within an organization, people can craft solutions quickly to address complex business problems and align towards a common goal. For large organisations with tremendous growth in corporate size and structure, design sprints are especially more relevant to overcome its bureaucratic structure and slow processes, thus speeding up product discovery and development.

Foster human-centered innovation

Design sprint takes into account the voices of people, embracing a human-centered design mindset. It is an extremely rewarding experience, when you are able to spark creativity, encourage people to think outside the box and compare perspectives from completely distinct fields. New ideas and solutions can be explored and transformed game-changing business prospects: improved products offerings, new products and services or even potential revenue streams.

Minimize risk

Imagine that you can shrink months of development and feature testing into just a few days. With design sprints, organizations can control the risk of product development by reducing the time and budget on validating ideas. Even in the beginning stages of idea conceptualization, you can gather immediate feedback from users and pivot changes early. The faster you capture feedback from relevant stakeholders, the higher likelihood of delivering a product-market fit solution, therefore saving lots of time and money.

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