How Leaders Can Tap Into the Full Potential of Employees

Natalie Wong, Content Marketer đź’ˇ
18 Mar 2021 • 2 min read

Tapping into your most underutilised resource - your people

Employee involvement exists in companies that intentionally establish positive work cultures, processes and systems to encourage and leverage on input and feedback from their employees. By involving employees in your decision-making processes, you are allowing the following advantages to take place in your organisation.

Increased employee engagement

Employees nowadays can be swayed easily with plenty of job alternatives—competitors are actively luring away talented associates. However, by actively involving your employees in decision making, you affirm their value. This keeps them engaged with their jobs as they will naturally develop a deeper commitment to the organisational and departmental objectives and goals when they partake in setting them and achieving them.

Increased productivity

Involving your employees in the decision-making processes makes them feel more positive about the organisation they work for as they feel like their opinions are valued by the upper management. This in turn builds rapport as they will readily share their ideas if they know they are being valued. Overall, employee morale is lifted significantly which affects their work performance—when your employees enjoy what they do and feel like they are contributing to the organisation’s success, it leads to increased productivity in the workplace!

Decreased employee turnover

By allowing your employees to voice out their opinions and ideas, you are listening to what they have to say about the weaknesses and opportunities about your organisation. This makes a huge difference in your workplace’s dynamics and provides an environment that is open to improvements and innovations, which creates job satisfaction and reduces the rate of staff turnover.

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