How Do You Get Your Teams Engaged In Your Goals

Yu Zhi Wei, Co-Founder
25 Mar 2021 • 2 min read

For many organisations, plenty of missed opportunities go by daily because their employees do not speak up or share their insights. As Andy Grove observed “People in the trenches are usually in touch with impending changes early.” and missed opportunities to capitalize on those frontline insights are probably one of the biggest mistakes any organisation can commit.

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Learn why your employees are not keen on sharing and how to reverse your situation.

They lack confidence to share their ideas

Many employees say they do not feel confident sharing their ideas. To some of your employees, staying quiet is less stressful than trying to speak up and letting their ideas be heard. As a leader in your organisation, you need to be deliberate in understanding what is crushing your employees’ courage and work—to help eliminate the imagined barriers they perceive that are preventing them from contributing their best ideas.

They think their ideas will be ignored

Some employees believe that their ideas will fall on deaf ears even if they voice themselves out, which is one of the biggest underlying issues when it comes to this. You may have been asking for ideas from your employees from time to time, but if there is no feedback loop, your employees will assume nothing is happening. No one wants to make their contributions go unrecognised and unvalued.

They lack the skills to share their ideas effectively

In many cases, employees simply do not know how to speak up in a way that lets them be heard clearly. If you want them to proactively identify and provide solutions for problems within your organisation, you need to provide the proper channels that allow them to do that well. Aligning their input towards your organisational goals is the best way to not only keep them engaged and show that their work has meaning, but also, highlight their achievements when things get done.

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