The Future of Work - How Businesses Can Keep Up

Brendan Tang, Content Writer 💡
11 Mar 2021 • 2 min read

Remote Work—Here to Stay?

COVID-19 has upended the way we work—where we work, how we get things done and so on. Self-imposed isolation, quarantines and lockdowns have forced millions of people around the globe to work from home, a workplace experiment that seemed more like an idea stowed away before COVID-19 hit us.

Amidst the upheaval, one thing is for sure: COVID-19 has potentially reshaped the world as we know it. With that, how will we continue to work and thrive in the post-pandemic future? Now, as we are well into the pandemic, the benefits and limitations of remote working are becoming clearer. Although many of us are returning to our workplaces as economies start to reopen, as McKinsey reported, executives have indicated in surveys that hybrid models of remote work for some employees are here to stay.

Success in a Hybrid Work Model World

Coronavirus has broken through technological and cultural barriers that prevented remote work in the past, setting in motion a structural shift in where our work takes place. Some forms of remote work are likely to persist long after the virus is conquered. Many shifts such as investing in digital infrastructure to reinvent the organisation’s internal policies and processes are required for us to stay relevant.

It is key to ensure your company has access to needful resources and tools that help your employees do their work as efficiently, effectively and as motivated as possible. With the prevalence of hybrid or remote work models, organisations need to go further than just fostering open dialogues and open practices—there is no better time than now, to bring your innovation processes online, unrestricted by the limitations of remote working.

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