Cut the clutter and empower your people with a structured workflow that turns ideas into action.


Innovation in 4 easy steps

Go from ideation to execution, with in-built templates to capture, develop and share your ideas with your teams.

Powerful processes, effortlessly

Getting your Thinkspace ready takes less than 3 minutes. We’ve specifically designed Thinkspace to be automated, fast and intuitive so you have more time to take your ideas to action.


Everything in
one place

Create dedicated idea funnels easily. Connect your strategy to your vision with rich text, images, videos, docs and other files with access from any device.

Thinkspace for Enterprise

Brainstorming &
Ideation Platform

  • Spark creativity and foster an innovation culture.
  • Open up the ideation process across the organization.
  • Move and track ideas from concept to execution in your project pipeline.
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    Enjoy Asia’s leading all-in-one innovation platform

    Capture, collaborate, and track your ideas in one centralized virtual hub.