Continuous improvements, Kaizen, incremental improvements, whatever you call it. We help you develop, prioritize, and assign new improvements without the hassle.


Continuous improvement in 4 easy steps

Stimulate intrapreneurship, co-worker engagement and make working with ideas easier. Transform your business one idea at a time.

Frame Innovation

Frame your business challenges into focused idea collections that engages your teams, inspiring them to submit ideas and foster a value-creating culture in your organization. Get inspired with our template library of popular innovation challenges or customize one yourself.


Customize your

Assign the right people for each part of your collaboration and ideation process by targeting innovation challenges to specific teams.

Thinkspace for Enterprise

Continuous Improvement

  • Utilise agile frameworks to keep up with ever-changing markets.
  • Organize ad-hoc improvements into one centralized platform.
  • Scale processes and enable cross-team work with remote-enable technology.
  • thinkspace-thinkspace-brainstroming-and-ideation-platform

    80% of improvement potential
    are within front line teams

    Start improving today and grow your business