Thinkspace helps leading companies create a high performing culture of collaboration and idea sharing.


Build your culture of engagement

Employee engagement and innovation is your winning recipe that goes together like two peas in a pod. Employee engagement drives innovation, and innovation in turn, spurs engagement.

Connect your teams, bridge their knowledge with ideas

Thinkspace scales alongside your organization’s processes to effectively break down department silos. Engage your teams to be united in your business strategy.


Reward your top talents and track team engagement

Identify champions within your organization and recognize the people who stand out. Thinkspace provides exclusive insights into your organization’s engagement levels via real-time visualized dashboards.

Thinkspace for Enterprise

Leverage on your teams

  • Foster a culture of engagement with Thinkspace as the avenue for employee voice and ideas.
  • Empower your teams to collaborate on a company-wide scale and leverage on collective intelligence.
  • Increase your talent retention with strong employee-driven Innovation results.
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    Take charge of your own Innovation

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