Work Better Together In Teams

Templates & Frameworks

Internationally recognized ways to organize content and ideas with guidance and uncover insights.

Gamification & Leaderboards

Drive engagement with embedded gamification elements like points and titles, awarding top participators.

Teams Organization

Build cross-functional innovation teams for a wide pool of knowledge and a healthy diversity of perspectives.

Expert Evaluation

Push prioritized ideas to subject matter experts who compare and evaluate them to drive workflow


Automate idea ranking based on our proprietary algorithm that uses prior user assessments to determine high-quality ideas

Analytic Dashboards

Maximize business intelligence with highly visualized dashboards, reporting and built-in analytics

Scale Company-wide Collaboration


Rest Assured With Enterprise-Grade Security

Here at Thinkspace, we put your security and privacy at our highest priority. We dedicate our approach to security with secure cloud hosting, boosted by state-of-the-art encryption, and advanced account password protection. On top of that, Thinkspace is fully PDPA compliant, your user data will be secured.

We’re here to help

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