Your Guided Innovation Pilot

Guiding you through your first innovation pilot, we will tailor the experience to one key objective identified by you. We will share innovation best practices to introduce design thinking methodology to your teams. Utilize the learnings and experience from your first pilot to refine your eventual roll out plan to ensure the highest value with your teams.

We will work with you to understand your challenges and essential drivers of the launch, before execution. Understanding your key strategic and organisational goals will help us align our Innovation Management solution to assist in achieving these goals.

We want the PoC to bring measurable value to you, we will work with you to agree on the CSFs of this implementation, which success will be measured against. Typically CSFs for our Innovation Management solution include, but are not limited to:

Idea Generation – Number of Ideas Submitted, Number of Advanced Ideas

User Engagement – Volume of Interaction between Users and Innovation Challenges (Number of Views, Comments, Likes), Team Members per Idea Submitted, Number of Active Users

User Feedback – User Surveys on Innovation Challenges, Peer Rating Scores

After understanding your key organisational goals, we will work with you to identify the user groups within your organisation which is appropriate for and aligns to your specific innovation challenge.

An effective corporate communication strategy will help you extract the most value from this PoC process. We will recommend and share supporting articles, video content, user help guides along with face-to-face presentations.

Concordiar will run an innovation workshop for your team, focused on the design thinking methodology. Our design thinking bootcamps are taught by industry experts and participants will walk away with a learned human-centric approach to identify and creatively solve problems.

Additional workshops are available on request in conjunction with our training partners.

Typically, we will hold a one day workshop – delivered onsite or remotely.

*In view of current Covid-19 measures, our workshops are held remotely for the safety of your team.

Identified business objectives will be framed in an innovation challenge to facilitate your organisation to ideate at scale and make informed decisions on the best ideas.

Engage your workforce by executing your corporate communications plan and get your workforce on the platform to contribute their great ideas.

We will work closely with you to update you on the engagement with your innovation challenge and user usage to adjust your corporate communications, as necessary.

We will send out a survey to gather feedback to understand your innovation efforts, areas of possible improvements and successes. Learning from the survey results to facilitate more effective and engaging innovation processes.

We will review the success of the PoC against the agreed CSFs, along with statistics on engagement and outcomes. We will also summarize the brilliant ideas contributed with real business value.

We will work with you to agree on steps for broader implementation within your organization to drive your organisation’s engagement and achieve a culture shift, ensuring maximum value.

Ready To Kickstart Your Innovation?

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