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Align creativity to problem solving

Communicate a clear direction and set up the optimal conditions for you and your teams to focus on your innovation work.


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Collaborate Across Disciplines & Silos

The more people you engage, the more ideas and perspectives you have to create that breakthrough idea! Thinkspace makes it easy to add your ideas and rewarding to contribute.


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Expert Evaluation & Sentiment Analysis

Thinkspace also automates the evaluation and workflow to move your ideas forward, ensuring you’re choosing and implementing the right ideas.


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Machine Learning & Real Time Insights

Innovation is no longer a fuzzy picture on Thinkspace. Take an in-depth look into your innovation impact in your context. The best part? The more you create, the smarter your innovation will be.


Take advantage of Design thinking flow

Thinkspace is powered by design thinking principles, drive your innovation with a
need-centric approach to ideation, solving problems that truly matter.

Unlock the innovation potential in your teams

McKinsey Design Index – The business value of design

McKinsey tracked and scored the design and innovation practices (Analytical Leadership, Cross- Functional Talent, Continuous Iteration, User Experience) of 300 publicly listed companies over a five-year period in multiple countries and industries on the McKinsey Design Index.

Companies who scored in the top quartile of the McKinsey Design Index outperformed their industry- benchmark growth by as much as two to one. The market disproportionately rewards companies that stood out from the crowd.

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Tap on our innovation domain knowledge and leverage on our innovation consultants, from EY, ThinkPlace, Chemistry and more, to diagnose and discover innovation gaps within your business.


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