How to Use

Thinkspace is an infinite virtual innovation platform that helps you ideate, strategize, get organized, and work with your team



Better ideas,
collected faster

Innovation challenges are goal-oriented idea collection cards centered around your specific questions. Inspire people to submit great ideas and save time by only collecting relevant ideas.

Create an unlimited number of innovation challenges

Time-bound and targeted group visibility

Extremely flexible challenge creation



Boost quality ideas
with context

Make sure people have the context they need by adding more detailed descriptions or file uploads to their ideas. The more flexible idea submission is - the higher their quality is going to be.

Attach images, videos, and files

Up to 500 words of additional description

Freedom to update idea progress



Empower teams,
remove silos

Teams are where the best ideas form. Get different perspectives across your silos to come together and analyze problems holistically, collaborating in teams to create valuable solutions.

Bring many teams together on one workspace

Pitch ideas to source for teammates

Comment, rate, and collaborate on ideas



Prioritize your best

Find the golden needle in the haystack of incoming ideas from your teams. Invite people to quickly evaluate ideas by rating them on a scale based on the criteria you define.

Define up to 5 different criteria

Invite your subject matter experts to rate ideas

Fast and enjoyable user experience



Actionable reports to
track your innovation

Real-time in-depth analytics presented in visual elements that save your time. Understand engagement, improve your innovation and identify successes across your teams.

Get actionable insights on overall engagement levels

Measure how your teams are performing

Easily identify top innovators

Everything you need for

customer centered design

Organize your teams around intuitive workspaces created specifically for remote design workshops and projects. With built-in tools, tips and guidance, Thinkspace is your platform to access the creative potential of your people and uncover innovative solutions – fueled by your customers’ demands.


Become Lean & Agile -
Introduce design thinking

Thinkspace uses design thinking principles to introduce a solution-based approach to solving problems in half the time, using half the resources.


International ISO standards
for innovation management

Thinkspace aligns with the internationally recognized ISO standards to help you establish sustained success in innovation and improvement within your organization.

Thinkspace empowers

Brainstorming & Ideation

Continuous Improvement

Employee Innovation

Open Innovation


Take your organization to the next level

Scale processes across teams and enable cross-silo collaboration in one platform.