Thinkspace Releases

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix the display of the tagged user’s name
  • Fix the display of the challenge card duration based on its current stage
  • Fix the display of presentation deck on the idea page
  • Fix the display of crowd voting score on the idea page after the user has voted
New Features
  • Launch challenges easily and efficiently by leveraging on a myriad of templates that come with best innovation practices:
    • Standardize idea submission canvas
    • Preset challenge visibility to the teams where the Challenge Owner creates a challenge from
    • Preset the sweet spot of innovation (Desirability, Feasibility, Viability) as the default evaluation criteria
    • Recommend 3-week challenge timeline for submission, voting, evaluation, winner selection and announcement of winners
  • Simplify and streamline the creation of ideas for remote, distributed team collaboration with the following features:
    • Real time editing with team members on an idea canvas
    • Facilitate real time brainstorming session with virtual whiteboard
    • Estimate idea impact (financial benefits, cost to implement, time to implement)
    • Tag keywords to the idea
    • Support multimedia attachments (idea cover, video, presentation deck, and additional files)
    • Invite people to the team and collaborate
    • Display idea ownership by recognizing all team members for their contributions
  • Make crowd voting interface engaging and aesthetically appealing
  • Automate submission of ideas once the submission deadline closes
  • Enable tagging of users in comments and forums
  • Added channels in forum for common categorization of posts
  • Add notifications for new comments and forum posts
Bug Fixes
  • Fix challenge timeline so that each challenge stage does not overlap
  • Fix automated calculation of the challenge timeline based on the challenge duration that the Challenge Owner provides
New Features
  • Revamp user interface for modern look and feel
  • Introduce Team Organization to group people based on common interests and control the challenge visibility to specific teams
  • Manage users in the User Management
  • Manage challenges in the Challenge Management
  • Explore all challenges with flexibility to filter by challenge type and beyond
  • Improve visibility of search by placing it at the top navigation
  • Improve onboarding process for users (employees and non-employees)
  • Link to Thinkspace Help Center from the side navigation at the home page
  • Enhance security for password encryption and user authentication based on the industry standards
Bug Fixes
  • Improve copywriting for email notifications and in-app notifications
  • Update Terms of Service and Privacy Policy