Terms of Service

This revision of the Thinkspace Terms of Service (“TOS”) was last updated on 2 Sep 2021.


Thinkspace Technologies Pte Ltd owns and/or operates the internet site located at https://thinkspace.ai/ along with any related websites, networks, applications, and other services provided by Thinkspace (collectively the “Site”, “Thinkspace”, "We", or "Us"). This terms applies to all visitors, users, and customers who access the Service that you (the “User”) consent to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the Thinkspace Privacy Policy. Certain services, some of which may be provided by third parties, may be subject to additional terms and conditions, and your use of the Site and such services constitutes your agreement to all applicable additional terms.

Please read this Terms Of Service carefully to ensure that you understand important information regarding your rights and responsibilities as an User. By accessing or using the Site, you are entering into a legal agreement with Thinkspace, the terms of which govern the use of the Site. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not use the Site.

Thinkspace reserves the right to change and update the Terms Of Service at any time. If a new change is reflected we will inform you. By continuing to use Thinkspace after the effective date, you agree to the updated Terms Of Service.

Thinkspace Account

The Thinkspace "Account" gives you access to the services and functionality that we may establish and maintain from time to time. We may maintain different types of accounts for different types of Users.

When you register a Thinkspace account on behalf of a company, organization, or other entity, then (a) “You” include you and that entity, and (b) you represent and warrant that you are an authorized representative of the entity with the authority to bind the entity to this TOS, and that you agree to this TOS on the entity’s behalf. When creating your account, you must provide accurate and complete information. You may be choose an email and a strong password with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

During registration, you have the option to sign up through third-party services. By connecting Thinkspace with third-party services such as single sign on, you give us permission to access and use your information from that service as permitted by that service, and store your log-in credentials for that service.

You are entirely responsible for maintaining the security of your Thinkspace account credentials and agree not to disclose to any third party. You may never use another User’s account without permission. In the event of inactive usage or termination of account or subscription, you acknowledge that we reserve the right to log off users who are inactive for an extended period of time.

You must notify Thinkspace immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. Thinkspace will not be liable for any losses caused by any unauthorized use of your account.

You may control your user profile and how you interact with the Service by changing the settings in your account. By providing your contact information, you consent Thinkspace to send you Service-related notices, including any notices required by law, in lieu of communication by email or postal mail.

Thinkspace Workspace

Our Services allow you to create a “Workspace” for your organisation, in which access to this Workspace is only made available to users who are invited and authorised by the Workspace Admin. The Admin is responsible for adding users to the Workspace, managing role-based permission and user accounts as set forth in this TOS. Furthermore, the Admin is required to configure the privacy settings for the Workspace, whether the challenges and its respective data are set to private or public, as well as whether public registration is enabled or not.

If you are opening a Workspace on behalf of your entity, then you will be required to select a Thinkspace sub-domain name and you will automatically be assigned an Admin role upon creation. All sub-domain names are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be offered for sale, sold, bought, solicited, or inactively held for future use. Inactive workspace may be renamed at any time without notification.

Thinkspace for Education

As a way to give back to the educational landscape that nurtures the next generation innovators, Thinkspace Education is offered at a discounted pricing to teachers and students globally. To qualify for Thinkspace Education Plan, eligible teachers and students must present a proof of their teaching certification and employment at an institute or a matriculation card.

General Services

Thinkspace is an innovation management platform on which Users can launch Challenges and engage other Users to participate, subjected to the specific conditions as set forth in the Challenge Rules.

As a User:

• you may access a personalized space on the Site that contains your profile, allows you to view the Challenges in which you have enrolled, and to communicate and exchange messages, including by email and chat with other Users;
• you may participate in Open Challenges, individually, as a representative of a business entity, provided you meet the conditions of the Challenge Rules;
• you may participate in Enterpise Challenges, individually, as an employee of your Organization;
• you may create ideas and attach multi-media content in response to a Challenge, as specified in the Challenge;
• you may export ideas and analytics for a specific Challenge that you are granted access to.

User Content

Content Ownership

As a registered User, you may participate in a challenge on Thinkspace (a “ Challenge”) by submitting your own content, research, idea, or comments (your “ Content”). As an Admin, you may moderate and manage Content related to Challenges ("Challenge Content"). The Content that you upload, store, share or send through our Service belong to you or the original owner’s intellectual property. Thinkspace does not take ownership of any Content contributed by Users in the course of using the Service.

You retain ownership of your Content. Further, you understand that if you contribute Content under your organisation, your organisation will own and be entirely responsible for—all such User Content, including any third party Intellectual Property Rights incorporated therein. Unless explicitly defined in the Challenge rules on how Intellectual Property Rights for an Open Challenge are handled, the Intellectual Property Rights may be solely retained by the original creator, shared with the Challenge Organizer, transferred to the Organiser or made open sourced and available to the public.

For the purposes of this Agreement, “Intellectual Property Rights” means all patent rights, copyright rights, moral rights, rights of publicity, trademark, trade dress and service mark rights, goodwill, trade secret rights and other intellectual property rights as may now exist or hereafter come into existence, and all applications therefore and registrations, renewals and extensions thereof, under the laws of any state, country, territory or other jurisdiction.

Publishing Content to Thinkspace

You agree that Content posted by you will be accurate and will not: (i) infringe any third party’s copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy, or (ii) violate any law (including export control, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising).

You guarantee that (i) you are the owner or authorized user of the intellectual property contained in your idea and that (ii) you are not required to transfer your rights over the idea to a third party pursuant to an employment relationship or other contract; or that (iii) you have obtained any necessary authorizations from your employer or co-contracting party before submitting the Content. At any time, you may be asked to make legally binding warranties and representations to the Organization in relation to a idea or any specific information that you submit.

You are solely responsible for the content that you publish or upload to the Site, and for the transfer of technologies or information with which you are involved. Your Content to Thinkspace are entirely voluntary, and by contributing Content to Thinkspace you might be sharing it with other Users. You are also aware that other Users on the Workspace with access to your content might choose to share, edit, make available to third-parties or otherwise take action on Content. Thinkspace expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility thereto.

You represent and warrant that you are the owner of all Content and have all legal right and authority to grant Thinkspace the license and rights set forth herein. All necessary licenses, permissions, releases and consents required (including without limitation, privacy releases and/or publicity releases necessary for Content depicting people, products, businesses, or other content) have been obtained for you to grant the licenses contained herein.

Your Content represents your own original work, you have all necessary rights to disclose your Content to Thinkspace and in doing so Thinkspace’s review and/or use of your Content, will not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon any other individual’s or entity’s rights.

You understand that disclosure of your Content to Thinkspace does not establish a confidential relationship or obligate Thinkspace to treat your Content (or any related content) as secret or confidential.

You understand that Thinkspace has no obligation, either express or implied, to develop or use your Content. You understand that Thinkspace assume no obligation with respect to any Content.

You acknowledge that Thinkspace, directly or indirectly, may be working on the same Content or a similar Content to your Content, or already know of such Content from other sources. You also understand that other Users may be working on the same or a similar Content.

Your Content, including any personally identifiable information, is voluntary and subject to the Privacy Policy. You are responsible for the content of your Content and agree to defend (at Thinkspace’s option and at your sole expense), indemnify and hold Thinkspace harmless from any damages, losses, costs, or expenses, including attorneys' fees, which Thinkspace and a Designee may incur as a result of your Content.

If you are viewing the Site on a public computer or are otherwise using a computer to which multiple people have potential access, you agree to follow good practice and ensure that you are sufficiently disconnected and logged off this Site and the computer system you are using to prevent unauthorized Content.

Thinkspace retains the right to review, edit or delete from the Site any Content that Thinkspace in its sole discretion, as necessary considers illegal, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

You acknowledge and declare that you have read and fully understand this TOS and appreciate the nature, extent and consequences of this TOS, and the posting of your Content on the Site is entirely voluntary.

Protecting User Content

Thinkspace uses industry standard protocols and technology to protect your Content, by granting role-based permission on a granular level, so that you can limit access control. Generally, data is encrypted for transmission in a format that prevents data theft by unauthorized third parties, including internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures.

Protecting your Content has always been a top priority. Thinkspace shall retain the rights to monitor your activities on the Workspace to comply with the TOS and investigate into Users or Content and any operating rules upon request by the law, regulation or valid authorized government agencies.

Grant and Restrictions on Use

The Site is owned and operated by Thinkspace. The visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, computer code, products, software (including any downloadable software), services, and all other elements of the Site provided by Thinkspace (the “Materials”) are protected by copyright, trade dress, author’s rights, patent, and trademark laws, international conventions, and all other relevant intellectual property and proprietary rights, and applicable laws. Except for any Content and content submitted by you and other Users, all Materials contained on the Site are the copyrighted property of Thinkspace or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or Challenge Owner, or third-party licensors. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to Thinkspace or its affiliates or Challenge Owners and/or third party licensors.

Where Thinkspace has licensed elements of the Materials to an Organization for the purposes of that individual or entity operating its own ‘branded’ website for Challenges using the same community of Users, you afford the same rights to the such Challenge Owner as you do to Thinkspace under this TOS.

Thinkspace grants you a non-exclusive, revocable right to use the Site for its intended purpose provided that you do not sell, license, distribute, copy, modify, publicly perform or display, transmit, publish, edit, adapt, create derivative works from, or otherwise make unauthorized use of the Materials.

Thinkspace hereby grants you a limited license to use the Materials, and Site provided by Thinkspace and its Designees on this Site, solely for your personal, non-commercial use, to submit any Contribution, or other content, subject to this TOS. Nothing herein shall be construed as conferring in any manner, whether by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any title or ownership of, or exclusive use-rights to any intellectual property right.

Thinkspace reserves the right to review your Content in order to ensure compliance with this TOS and the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Thinkspace reserves the right to deny or revoke access to this Site for any User, or any part thereof, at any time in its sole discretion, with or without cause. Your access to this Site will terminate upon your violation of this TOS.

Users are granted the use of Content as stated in the TOS, and the use of any content contained in the Content will be entirely at your own risk, for which neither Thinkspace nor its Designees shall be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any content from the Contribution you wish to use or develop is suitable for your specific requirements.

While Thinkspace endeavors to ensure that this Site is available at all times, Thinkspace shall not be liable if, for any reason, this Site is unavailable at any time or for any period.

Acceptable Use Policy

General Service Rules

The Site enables you to post Content, and share information and interact with Users, as further described hereunder. You must be a registered User to post any Content on the Site.

If you are a User and want to contribute Content to a Challenge it must be in accordance with the Challenge Rule guidelines. Additionally, you agree to be subject to additional terms and conditions in any applicable Challenge Rules.

You understand that all Content, as well as your username and User photo/image (if uploaded to My Profile and made visible to other Users), will be deemed public and not confidential. With the exception of first and last name, it is not necessary for a User to disclose personally identifiable information publicly in order to fulfill the purpose of the Site and/or a Challenge. In fact, Thinkspace advises against such. It is each User’s decision as to whether they add personal information to My Profile or upload a photograph of themselves and to opt to make these visible to other Users as part of My Profile.

Unless expressly authorized in the Challenge rules, or on the Site, you are prohibited from posting or transmitting any “sensitive” personally identifiable information over the Site, which may include, but not be limited to, any information about yourself or another person that may relate to health or medical conditions, national identifiers, credit cards, bank accounts, other financial information, other information concerning trade union membership, sex life, political opinions, criminal charges or convictions, religious or philosophical beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, or other sensitive matters.

You agree not to engage in any of the following prohibited activities:

• sending or posting harassing, abusive, or threatening messages;
• transmitting through the Site any information, data, text, files, links, images, software, or other materials that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or which threatens our relationships with our Users;
• attempting to conceal or misrepresenting the identity of the sender, User or person submitting the information, or impersonate any individual (real names, email addresses and other information must be used);
• disrupting the normal flow of the Site, including participating in negative dialogue on the Site or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other Users; or posting any unsolicited chain letters, advertising, promotional materials, contests, or any other commercial or non-commercial solicitations;
• sending spam or other direct marketing communications or posting, transmitting or linking to unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation or commercial content;
• intentionally or unintentionally performing or promoting any activity that would violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including but not limited to any regulations having the force of law while using or accessing the Site;
• posting or transmitting executable programming of any kind, including viruses, spyware, trojan horses, easter eggs, or any other form of computer programming;
• copying, distributing, or disclosing any part of the Service in any medium, including without limitation by any automated or non-automated “scraping”;
• using any automated system, including without limitation “robots,” “spiders,” “offline readers,” etc, to access the Service in a manner that sends more request messages to the Thinkspace servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional on-line web browser;
• attempting to interfere with, compromise the system integrity or security or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Service;
• posting Content or using the Site in such a way that tarnish the reputation or rights of the Users, and third parties, including posting Content that breach the copyright (or other proprietary rights) of third parties; and
• from creating any frames at any other websites pertaining to any portion(s) of this Site.

If you are using this Site on a public computer or are otherwise using a computer to which multiple people have potential access, you agree to follow good practice and ensure that you are sufficiently disconnected and logged off this Site and the computer system you are using to prevent unauthorized access.

Although we are not obligated to monitor access to or use of the Site or to review any Content, we have the right to do so for the purpose of operating the Site, to ensure compliance with this TOS, or to comply with applicable law or other legal requirements. We reserve the right, but are not obligated to remove or disable access to any Content at any time and without notice, including, but not limited to, if we, at our sole discretion, consider any Content to be objectionable or in violation of this TOS including this acceptable use policy. We have the right to investigate violations of this TOS or conduct that affects the Site. We may also consult and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to prosecute Users who violate the law.


Thinkspace will not tolerate its Service being used to discriminate against others, based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry or national origin. You are not permitted to use the Service in a manner which would likely incite, promote or support such discrimination, hostility or violence. If we believe in our sole determination that your use of the Service is being used to discriminate, especially if based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry or national origin, we may permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend your access to the Service without notice and liability for any reason.


You agree to pay for the Subscription that you purchase, based on the pricing and payment terms for the use of our Service, or in special circumstances, on an Enterprise Order sent by one of our employees.

By upgrading to a Paid Subscription, you consent to allow Thinkspace to charge your payment method, either directly or through its payment processors, for the amounts due for your initial subscription period and for additional subscription periods until your account is canceled or terminated. The applicable fees on the payment method as well as taxes and other charges incurred thereto at regular intervals, all of which depend on your Subscription, utilized services and the number of users on your platform. All payments are non-refundable.

Paid Subscription is billed on a month-to-month or annual cycle, and payment is made in one upfront installment. When you purchase a Subscription for one year, you will pay for one year upfront.

To the extent that payment mechanisms are provided through third parties, you agree that Thinkspace will have no liability to you arising out of the acts or omissions of such third parties. Thinkspace does not store your credit card information on our servers.

Recurring Billing

By registering a credit card and turning on recurring billing, you authorize Thinkspace (or a designated third-party provider) to bill and automatically charge your credit card for the next billing cycle. Recurring billing is opt in automatically, you can change your preference in the settings.

If you were to purchase one month Subscription for the use from 1 Aug to 1 Sep, the next payment will be automatically processed on 2 Sep for the next month Subscription. If you were to purchase one year Subscription for the use from 1 Jan 2021 to 1 Jan 2022, the next payment will be automatically processed on 2 Jan 2022 for the next year Subscription.

Termination of Subscription

If you wish to cancel your Subscription, you can contact our customer service at hello@thinkspace.ai or go to your settings page. Cancellation will be effective immediately. Please note that after you cancel your Subscription, you will no longer be able to use or access the Platform and you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees that you've paid.


The Site, and any Materials and information on the Site may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Thinkspace may make changes or improvements at any time without notice. The Site, and Materials and information on this Site are provided "as is" without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Thinkspace provides the Site on the basis that Thinkspace and its Designees exclude all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms (including without limitation, the conditions implied by law of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose and the use of reasonable care and skill) which but for this TOS might have effect in relation to the Site.

Any information related to your use of the Site for illegal purposes will be provided to law enforcement authorities. Save as provided in this TOS, you shall have no remedy in respect of any untrue statement (whether written or oral) made to you upon which you rely in agreeing to this TOS (a “Misrepresentation”) and Thinkspace shall have no liability to you other than pursuant to this TOS. Nothing in this TOS shall exclude or limit Thinkspace’s liability for any intentional Misrepresentation.

You are solely responsible for all your communications and interactions with other users of this Site and with other persons with whom you communicate or interact as a result of your use of the Site. You understand that Thinkspace does not screen or inquire into the background of any users of this Site, nor does Thinkspace make any attempt to verify the statement of users. Thinkspace makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of users of the Site or their compatibility with any current of future users of the Site. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all communications and interactions with other users of the Site with other persons with whom you communicate or interact as a result of your use of the Site, particularly if you decide to meet in person.


Our Website contains links to other websites. We do not control those websites and are not responsible for their content. By including these links, we are not endorsing the material on those websites or implying any association with their operators.


To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Thinkspace or any other party (whether or not involved in creating, producing, maintaining or delivering the Site) and the officers, directors, employees, shareholders or agents of Thinkspace and of its Designees exclude all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party (including without limitation, any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damage or any loss of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money, or loss or damage arising from or connected in any way to business interruption and whether in tort (including without limitation negligence, contract or otherwise)) in connection with the Site in any way or in connection with the use, inability to use, or the results of use of the Site, any websites linked to the Site, or the material on such websites, including but not limited to loss or damage due to viruses that affect your computer equipment, devices, software, data or other property on account of your access to, use of or browsing the Site, uploading Contribution(s), downloading of any material from the Site or any website linked to the Site, or accessing any website linked to the Site.

Nothing in this TOS shall exclude or limit Thinkspace’s or a its Designees’ liability for (i) fraud or willful misconduct; (ii) death or personal injury caused by its negligence or gross negligence; or (iii) any liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This TOS is governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore, excluding the application of its conflict of law rules. You agree that any dispute arising out of or relating to the Site may only be brought by you in a court of the Republic of Singapore. Your hereby waive any objection to this venue as inconvenient or inappropriate, and agree to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the Republic of Singapore.

General Provisions

This TOS and any applicable Challenge Rules constitute the entire and exclusive understanding and agreement between Thinkspace and you relating to use of the Site, and supersede and replace any and all prior oral or written understandings or agreements between Thinkspace and you regarding the same. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this TOS invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be deemed omitted and the other provisions of this TOS will remain in full force and effect.

You may not assign or transfer this TOS, by operation of law or otherwise, without Thinkspace’s prior written consent. Any attempt by you to assign or transfer this TOS, without such consent, will be null and of no effect. Thinkspace may freely assign or transfer this TOS without restriction. Subject to the foregoing, this TOS will bind and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors and permitted assigns.

Any notices or other communications provided by Thinkspace under this TOS, including those regarding modifications to this TOS, will be given: (i) by Thinkspace via email; or (ii) by posting to the Site. For notices made by email, the date of receipt will be deemed the date on which such notice is transmitted.

Thinkspace’s failure to enforce any right or provision of this TOS will not be considered a waiver of those rights. The waiver of any such right or provision will be effective only if in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Thinkspace. Except as expressly set forth in this TOS, the exercise by either party of any of its remedies under this TOS will be without prejudice to its other remedies under this TOS or otherwise.

Modification of TOS

Thinkspace reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in the TOS at any time and in its discretion. If there are changes or modification made to this TOS by Thinkspace, Thinkspace will post the changes to the TOS on this Site and will update and indicate at the top of this page the latest date this TOS was last revised. Thinkspace may also notify you of any changes or modifications to the TOS through your email address that you have used to register on the Site. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions to the Site.

Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes or modifications will constitute and confirm your agreement to and acceptance of such changes or modifications. It is your responsibility to regularly check this Site to determine if there have been changes to this TOS and to review such changes. If you do not agree to the amended TOS, please discontinue using the Site. Because our services are evolving over time, we may change or discontinue all or any part of the Services, at any time and without notice, at our sole discretion.

Contact Information

If you have any queries about these Terms or queries in general, please do not hesitate to contact us or mail to No. 50 Armenian Street, #04-03 Wilmer Place, Singapore 179938.